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Version 4.1.1 of MapTk (2016-10-29)
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Map Südtirol
Version 4.10 of map (2016-10-16)

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Map of Südtirol
Filename Filesize Filetime
Copyright and other information.
57.7 K2016-10-16 11:00:36
Südtirol 4.10 Setup.exe
Installation for Windows for actual
MapSource and BaseCamp / MapInstall.
Not required if GMAP format was downloaded.
39.9 M2016-10-16 10:51:12
GMAP format for Windows and Mac with actual
BaseCamp / MapInstall.
Not required if windows setup was downloaded.
42.2 M2016-10-16 10:39:10
For users without access to Mapsource or Basecamp / Mapinstall:
Direct use on Oregon and other devices.
Not required if Setup.exe or GMAP was downloaded.
51.3 M2016-10-16 10:40:54