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Version 3.4.5 of MapTk (2015-03-29)
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Map Südtirol
Version 3.70 of map (2015-03-29)

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Map of Südtirol
Filename Filesize Filetime
Comments and copyright information.
2.8 K2015-03-29 17:48:10
 NEW  Südtirol 3.70 Setup.exe
Installation for Windows.
39.1 M2015-03-29 17:50:09
 NEW  Südtirol
GMAP format for Mac and actual
BaseCamp and MapSource.
Not required if setup was downloaded.
41.3 M2015-03-29 17:52:26
 NEW  Südtirol370.img
For direct use on Oregon and other devices.
Not required if setup or GMAP was downloaded.
50.2 M2015-03-29 17:56:04